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Chassidim on Display

I’ve been thinking forever how it feels to the Amish when equally quaint chassidim come to see their “old” lifestyle. I’ve also wondered how the chassidic community would feel had the Amish decided to make it their chol hamoed treat to visit Williamsburg in all its glory! And really now, the chassidim always being the industrialist entrepreneurs how is it that they have skipped this great opportunity to capitalize on a unique resource!

This last question at least has been answered.

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Misyavnim in BP!

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Oy Gevald!

The headliner over at vosizneias today: “Charedi Football League Scores Big in Borough Park”!

Yes, you heard that correctly! “football league” is the predicate for “Chareidi”! And the picture of the guy with the red beard? That’s worth a million dollars! I’m only wondering whether these guys have internet access!

Just to show you how far we have come as a society, I remember a couple of years back when this circulated as the funniest clip of the year!


For more of the fun you can watch here.



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