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Found On A Note Flying Out Of Citifield

My heartfelt plea to all our free brothers and sisters! Image

Yes, quote me on free! I am sitting inside this vast stadium and can’t believe my eyes! The power and control that has been wrought on us is more than what we can bear! Please! Do stand out there and utter a cry! Create a commotion! Perhaps a shriek! Whatever it is that you can do please do! Please, as you stand out there, do keep in mind all the people who have been caught in the iron grip behind the shtreimel curtain! With no way out due to the many constraints – the societal and financial shackles that are sometimes beyond the ability of mere mortals to overcome!

However, our hearts and minds are with you guys and gals out there who are screaming out loud about the human pain being inflicted on so many masses with impunity! From the molested child to the trapped infidel! From the handicapped adult to the shackled housewife!

Yes! Do stand out there and inflict some shame! Where are thy holy men? What have thy done for you poor and infirm? And more than any of this, how do thy treat the person who dares to rebuke you? Is there any business you have besides for ensuring the backwardness of your masses?

I will stand inside, trapped and shackled, blush and take the shame – for you may say the insults are directed at me. But I would rather have my face blush than allow my heart to bleed forever. Perhaps if their shame is large enough my children will have a better life! Perhaps their cruelty will subside, and in feeling some pain themselves they will relate to the pain of their fellow human as well!


Chassidim on Display

I’ve been thinking forever how it feels to the Amish when equally quaint chassidim come to see their “old” lifestyle. I’ve also wondered how the chassidic community would feel had the Amish decided to make it their chol hamoed treat to visit Williamsburg in all its glory! And really now, the chassidim always being the industrialist entrepreneurs how is it that they have skipped this great opportunity to capitalize on a unique resource!

This last question at least has been answered.

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Misyavnim in BP!

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Oy Gevald!

The headliner over at vosizneias today: “Charedi Football League Scores Big in Borough Park”!

Yes, you heard that correctly! “football league” is the predicate for “Chareidi”! And the picture of the guy with the red beard? That’s worth a million dollars! I’m only wondering whether these guys have internet access!

Just to show you how far we have come as a society, I remember a couple of years back when this circulated as the funniest clip of the year!


For more of the fun you can watch here.



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