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Farzeitishe חן in today’s yiddish theater



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The Downward Spiral

February 10, 2012 Leave a comment

I guess there is another “marrano” in town… 

Regardless, the most weird part about the material posted by Shmarya is the fact that people within the community fail to see this stuff as weird! 

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What can be more intriguing than the journey of devout, innocent, and young hearts growing up in complete emotional isolation and ignorance in the matters of the soul to a discovery of their spiritual being and fearless embrace of their greatest challenges, and all this in the context of the virtually lifeless religion of Orthodox Judaism. Despite the undercurrent of subversiveness the story as a whole hardly scrapes the veneer of observant religiosity, and yet it screams out from the depths of the soul – Let my people go! This film will leave the hardest rock weeping with salt! It is worth every minute of your time!
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