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Ruchi Freier

Ruchi Freier, a female Chareidi lawyer, has shattered many glass ceilings as it relates to Chareidi women, and serves an exemplary model of the heights you can reach by being fearless to pursue your goals and courageous enough to assert your individuality. What interests me even more is how she squares all that with her religious beliefs. Having become a lawyer and then pursuing feminist issues in the community can give an impression of someone being a closet orthoprax; however, her work in B’derech negates that.

Regardless, she wrote a piece today about the equal and respected status of women within the Chareidi community. I just found it odd that she couldn’t get her picture posted together with it – most probably just to ensure that women remain equal, right? In any case, I decided to rectify this problem. Here she is:

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