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“What a Chilul Hashem” – the Defining Comment!

What a “Chilul Hashem”! What a standard refrain! It’s perhaps the most common refrain to be uttered out of the sacred mouths of Chareidim upon hearing news of bad deeds committed by a fellow Jew. Despite all the talk of the haredization of American Orthodox Jewry, this may indeed be one of those undefinable dividing lines between Chareidi and your run-of the-mill Orthodox Jews. Just tell the man some bad press another Chareidi got, or maybe only that Matisyahu shaved his beard, count to three, and wait for that moan: what a Chilul Hashem! If that moan doesn’t come, you’ve discovered an impostor! The person who doesn’t instinctively grouch about Chilul Hashem is no Chareidi, has no connection to Chareidism, and will just never “get it.”
For evidence to this supposition one must only examine the difference between the statements made now, in the aftermath of the Beit Shemesh spitting debacle, by the OU, RCA, and Aguda. The OU and RCA perhaps consider themselves reall Torah Jews, but with their protest mostly directed at the violence, and the media anti-Chareidi indulgence only mentioned in passing, one is led to believe that they have other concerns as well – not only Chilul Hashem, but other acts, perhaps spitting on little Na’ama Margolis, are worthy of condemnation. Their statements are laudable, but unfortunately for them, this really puts them outside of the Chareidi camp. The Aguda on the other hand – they are better at their game! They know what matters! You read their so-called condemnation, and you’re left wondering whom they are condemning! This is no mistake – this is by design! Their main problem is Chilul Hashem. If you want to spit on little Na’ama, that’s completely ok – just make sure to have enough brains and do it out of sight of the media!

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