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Why a Marrano?

September 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Yes. Marrano + Chassid! Perhaps both, or maybe one of them – your choice!. By virtue of being a rationalist surreptitiously living within the Chassidic world, I am a Marrano. However, a Chassid I remain. So, there you go, a Marrano + a Chassid = marranochassid. Or perhaps,  I’m admittedly a coward – a Chassid unwilling to confront realities in real-life! I am not willing to take the big step and live a secular free life, am afraid of the many societal and financial costs this may bring me, and am willing to deal with all this only under the anonymous shield of the internet! Add to this my Jewish guilt, and I am ready to accept my fate and name myself, a marrano i.e. “dirty” Chassid!

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